Our Approach

Make it human, make it true.

How often does your organization say what it really means?

For years we thought we had to work in the same way every other creative agency did, but something always felt a little ‘off’. In our personal lives we understood the power of honesty and candour, but why did it feel impossibly brave to speak truth through our business? We had some work to do, so we rolled up our sleeves, checked our egos, did our own personal work, and asked ourselves some brave questions–– that’s when it came to us: what if we gave our clients that same space?

Since 2015, Harc Creative has been helping organizations step into their own light. Through facilitated discovery, organizational development, strategic visioning and creative direction, we empower businesses to present themselves to the world with authenticity and joy.

Harc was incredibly sensitive and responsive to who we are as a company. They guided us through the entire process of building and launching our beautiful new digital platform in a manner that was always enthusiastic, strategic and creative. We felt that Harc was our partner throughout the entire process, that they cared as much about Figure 1 Publishing as we do!

Chris Labonté

Research & Intelligence

  • Organizational Discovery
  • Facilitated Community Engagement
  • Brand Ecosystem Mapping

Cultural Groundwork

  • Core Purpose Discovery
  • Bias Mitigation
  • Community Context Research


  • Vision Storytelling
  • Creative Direction
  • Visual Identity Design

Content & Community

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Impact Planning
  • Communications Toolbox