Impact Stories

Our clients are our joy.

We were raised to take pride in our work, but it’s always been our clients’ growth that has defined success.

With every new project we take on, we dig deep to get to the core of why these people show up at work every day– What are their dreams? Where do they need more support? What’s pulling them forward?

Partnering with clients of all shapes and sizes, Harc Creative always starts at the centre and works outward from there. That means a lot of listening, some big conversations, asking tough questions, and producing daybreaking creative.

Harc is a team of incredibly talented strategists. They listen, advise and promote a discovery process that quickly enabled our team to understand what our path forward should be.

Deborah Haust, CEO Goodforks
Wavefront Centre

In 2017, we partnered with Wavefront to imagine a bold course forward.

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YVR Airport

In the midst of a stand-still, we helped a world-renowned airport move forward.

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Brick and Board

Digging deep into the past, we moved this Baltimore start-up into the future.

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Pilgrimme Restaurant

Inspired by the sea, the air, and the driftwood of Montague Harbour, we gave Pilgrimme its voice.

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